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Positivity is a choice as well as a discipline.  It is a desire to make the world a little better place.   It is not always the easy thing to do; in fact it can be quite difficult.  In this book, you will be given insights into the science of positive psychology, learn more about the challenges you may encounter along the way, and gain perspectives on how to increase your personal brand of positivity.

You will find the eBook or Paperback most informative! 

The Five Powers of Positive People

Yes, all people have power.  Have you ever met someone who had the power to make you feel better about yourself?   What was it exactly they did or said that caused this response?  More than their words and actions, it was their overall positivity.
Within these pages are stories of inspiration, and determination Positive people don’t just happen, they choose to make a difference, and in so doing they have the power to transform lives.

You will find the eBook or Paperback most informative! 

Jep, Well done just what we needed in the days we are living in.  Very inspiring and encouraging, you will love this book.  Thanks for shinning a bright light during these dark times."

-  D. Murphy

Positivity Now is a very insightful and interactive resource.  Fascinating facts, quotations, and positive psychology will inspire and challenge you to shine brighter."

-  Janine

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Jep is a born motivator, caring person and his attention to meeting your next events unique needs will leave your participants applauding."

-  Tracie Wilcox
President/CEO, On Tap Credit Union

Jep is one of the best at what he does!  A true “Info-tainer!”  He is a cross between a stand-up comic and a Harvard Business professor."

-  Vail Daily Weekly